About the LRM X VP Collaboration

We couldn’t have imagined having our first collaboration with anyone other than the lovely Vicky Pattison! She has been a huge supporter of LRM from the very beginning and has played a huge part in sharing the LRM love. Not only does Vicky love wearing our bags, but she also has very similar values to our founders, Libby & Rachel- making this collaboration the perfect match.   

Vicky’s style was always at the forefront of our minds when designing the collection and we feel that the bags truly represent all aspects of her life. The inspiration behind the bags came from looking at the styles that Vicky uses and recreating her own versions of these. 

We asked Vicky what it is she loves about the LRM bags and she said...  

“I love that the LRM bags are such beautiful quality, they’re like designer but without the huge price tag. As well as that there’s so much variety, always something different for a different season. I think the little monogram touch is super special, it makes it feel very personal and I have chosen to give a number of LRM bags as gifts to my mum and my sister over the last couple of years and they’ve always gone down such a treat. They’re beautiful, the perfect present for yourself or someone you love.” 

Vicky has been such a pleasure to work with and has made the whole process so easy – given that it’s was our first collaboration, we were slightly nervous! Fortunately, Vicky felt the same about working with us, when asked what her favourite thing about working with LRM was she said... 

“Me and the girls are on the same page, so it’s just been such a lovely journey working with them – we agree on literally everything, it’s been completely painless and what we’ve produced I think speaks volumes. We’re all really proud of the collection and I think you can tell how well we get on and how much we’re all on the same page because the collection reflects that.” 

Many women probably dream of having their own bag collection so when we asked Vicky what excites her most about having her own, she proclaimed “I think selfishly I am really excited because I am actually designing bags that I want – how many people get to say that?!” - not many people can! 

Vicky loves the collection so much that when we asked her how she would describe it in 3 words, she couldn’t pick just 3! Instead she gave us 6 words... “something for everyone” and “classic, beautiful & fabulous”.