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Come inside our beautiful travel wallet..

The first challenge is choosing from the gorgeous array of colours. All of our products are made using recycled leather, which gives the product a very smooth finish that oozes style and class. We have all the classic colours, a range of bright and fresh colours, as well as the favourite pastel shades.

Once you have chosen colour, this is where the touch of personalisation adds something special. We love to see all different creations embossed onto our goods. Initials being the most popular, but we are seeing an increasing amount of memorable dates of birthdays, anniversaries or weddings embossed on our products, creating such a unique gift, as well as nicknames between couples. Whatever special characters are chosen, these are then embossed on to the front of the travel wallet in the bottom left-hand corner.

But what is inside? The inside of our wallets have been carefully designed for whatever traveller you may be. With plenty of space and tightly compressed compartments, there is enough room to hold several passports as well as travel documents and boarding passes and even a pen holder.

Then as much as looking good these are important documents that need to stay safe. The travel wallet fastens with a prestud that compliments the colour of the travel wallet.  

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