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Best Stocking Fillers for Her!

Stocking fillers can sometimes become rather repetitive but they don't need to! With so much going on in the lead up to the big day, it can be hard to think outside the box so we don't blame you if you've chosen socks or bath bombs in the past! In true LRM style, we believe that stocking fillers are extra special when they are personalised so here are a few items that we think would make ideal gifts...
An ideal gift for a lady who already has an LRM bag! The Mini Rosie obviously matches perfectly with The Rosie Circle Bag but it can also be added to our other bags such as the Luna! This coin purse comes in a plain grain leather but also a croc leather so it can be matched to a large range of bags. 
If a coin purse isn't quite practical for your loved one, why not choose this beautiful wallet? Our 100% Italian leather wallets are ideal for ladies who have quite a few cards but also like to have space for coins and cash. The beauty of this wallet is that the card holder section can be taken out of the wallet so this can be used separately!  
Our heart and star keyrings are such a cute way to add personalisation to keys and bags. They are 100% Italian leather and come in 4 beautiful colours. Your loved one will always see this and think of you so it's a great sentimental stocking filler.
Although we may not be travelling anywhere exotic for the next couple of months - that doesn't mean you can't add a luggage tag to your staycation bag! These personalised luggage tags are a great practical gift as well, it makes your luggage stand out and ensures you won't accidentally pick up the wrong bag. Or if you're planning on buying her a surprise trip away, this could be a perfect hint!
With our phones being in constant use and the beauty of them being made of glass means a phone case is essential for most of us! Our phone cases are made for iPhones and come in a range of sizes. They have a beautiful slim design which means your phone won't feel chunky and your phone will be protected by the microfibre lining. 

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