A Lesson in Colour with colour expert, Jules Standish

A Lesson in Colour with colour expert, Jules Standish

Ever wondered what colour is made for you? Well we certainly haveand we were lucky enough to find out recently from Jules Standish, Colour Expert and Head of Colour at London College of Style. With so many hidden meanings, we aimed to understand how we can harness the amazingly transformative properties of colour  

Jules Standish, expert in colour
Here at LRM, colour is particularly important to us. It can change the look of any accessory and it’s purpose, be the difference between a good and bad day and allow multiple colour block, neutral and classic pairings. Having such a wide range of colours available to purchase, we’re loving the current colour trends and the recent hype and happiness it has brought to everyone. 
Jules says “Whilst being surrounded by colour in nature and our homes is very powerful, the colours we choose to wear in fashion can also have strong emotional connections for everyone, creating a wonderful sense of wellbeing."

"The colour of your accessory says so much about you. A handbag can totally transform an outfit and give you the instant lift to make you feel perfectly put together."

Using our bag wall with a selection of Rosie Circle bags (a classic!) and Amelia Tote Bags, this enabled Jules to perfectly colour match each person, to compliment their look, personality and unique style.  

LRM Bag Wall
Coming out on top for popularity was our Sage Green Croc Sheen Rosie. High on the current trends list, green has all kinds of positive meanings and hidden abilities. Jules explains “You might opt to wear green for a job interview if you need to show your friendly humanitarian side, someone who is capable of fair judgement and balanced decision making’.  
Alternatively, everyone loves blue’ was a statement frequently made throughout the day, with bag choices certainly reflecting this. We may be biased with our absolute love for navy which portrays the put-together, sophisticated, professional look with minimal effort. Navy compliments every single individual, another reason why we love it! With so many shades of blue around, Jules explainit'calming properties and how “you might consider wearing blue if you are going on a date, to help keep your nerves in check and to aid in good communication whilst appearing trustworthy." The power of colour truly is incredible 

LRM Colour Wheel
Let’s not forget those all important classic accessories for your capsule wardrobe. These include Taupes, Creams (cream croc sheen exclusive to Fenwick stores!), Greys, Navy & Black. Advice from Jules includes “by mixing and matching statement colours and neutrals you can take control of the impact you make, the image you wish to portray, being authentically and stylishly you, every day at any event”.  
The colour choices of our new launches will no doubt factor in Jules’s advice, with even more colour variations being introduced. Ensure your LRM colour choices express your mood, add individuality and transform each look to give you that uplifting, feel good factor. Let your LRM bag be your new best friend and your must have accessory this season.  

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